[Mlterm-dev-en] mlterm 3.4.2 released
Araki Ken
2015-01-06 14:01:24 UTC

This is to announce the release of mlterm version 3.4.2


SHA1 (mlterm-3.4.2.tar.gz) = f09868e8a2aaa0e9c2883b80e52ec41f582d99b4

Overview of changes from 3.4.1
ver 3.4.2
* Support colorful emoji with the use of http://github.com/github/gemoji.
(Copy images/emoji/unicode/*.png in https://github.com/github/gemoji/archive/master.zip
to ~/.mlterm/emoji/ in advance.)
* Support DCS + q Pt ST which requests termcap/terminfo string.
* Support CSI?8452h and CSI?8452l.
* Support CSI?117h and CSI?117l.
* Add "Bidi Separators" entry to "Encoding" tab of mlconfig.
* Add "Unicode areas you won't convert to other charsets" entry to "Font" tab of mlconfig.
* Add "Word separators", "Don't scroll automatically in scrolling back" and
"Set full width areas manually" entries to "Others" tab of mlconfig.
* Add "word_separators", "unicode_noconv_areas" and "unicode_full_width_areas"
to OSC 5380/5381.
* Improve performance of drawing text with cairo.
* Bug fixes:
Fix incorrect result of searching bold or italic fonts when type_engine == xcore.
(enbugged at 3.3.0)
Fix segfault in opening a new channel over an opened session on win32.

Araki Ken